A Pure Taste of History

Superior Spirit Drink
made from Premium Matured Rum

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Celebration of the accomplishments

A promise of new adventures

Its more than superior spirits. Its’ history distilled. In every bottle and every drop. It all began in 1838 when the adventurer A.H. Riise began to travel the world in a relentless search for new knowledge. With a base in the West Indian Islands, he discovered animals, plants and herbs – and the secret of distilling tasteful spirits. Some of these herbs still today define the exceptional taste of our premium rum-based spirit drinks. Every bottle is a celebration of the accomplishments of the past – and a promise of new adventures.

Two women cheering with a glass of rum - Royal Danish Navy
Two women tasting A.H. Riise Rum

A journey of taste and self-pampering

We have put together three delicious tasting boxes which provide a perfect introduction to A.H. Riise Spirits’ universe. 

A taste for any occasion


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XO Reserve
Royal Danish Navy
Premium Master Blends
XO Rum Cream Liqueurs

The taste of the Caribbean

150 years ago, the Danish pharmacist A.H. Riise Danish West Indian rum on the world map under the trademark “Old St. Croix”. We mark this with the launch of Non Plus Ultra “La Galante”. Read more about the exclusive new Limited-Edition blend!