In June, 1838, the Danish Government officially appointed Albert Heinrich Riise as the exclusive pharmacist for the island and granted him monopoly status to produce alcohol.



Riise began the manufacture of rum on the island of St. Thomas and he invented the first Distilled Bay Rum.


A.H. Riise, EST. 1838, Danish West Indies


The brand A.H. Riise has its origin in the history of the Danish pharmacist Albert Heinrich Riise who was living and working on the former Danish West Indian Islands in the period 1838 to 1878.

A.H. Riise obtained by Royal Decree in 1838 the privilege of operating the Sct. Thomas pharmacy in the capital of the Danish West Indies, Charlotte Amalie.

A.H. Riise traveled around most of the Caribbean, and eventually visited neighboring islands all the way down to Trinidad. He had a lively interest in botany and utilized with great skill the Caribbean’s exotic flora and fauna for the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, alcohol and cosmetics.

A.H. Riise’s Pharmacy originally created Rum and Bitters which primarily was used as a medicine for stomach ills, and other hardships however, the rum soon gained popularity outside of its medical function, and in 1893 The A.H. Riise Company received its first International medal at the World Exhibition in Chicago.

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