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24 Experiences - Christmas calendar

It’s a tribute to the old rum history. This year’s Christmas calendar for rum liquor lovers is filled with award-winning blends from A.H. Riise and Santos Dumont.

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24 different samples

A fine spirits journey

The book-like Christmas box contains samples of some of the most exquisite and tasty spirits you’ve ever tasted. It also reveals stories of the encounters and events that brought many of them to life.

In 1838, a young pharmacist named Albert Heinrich Riise traveled to the West Indies, where he produced rum and medicine and contributed to the discovery of botany and wildlife. But above all, he founded a large family and many friendships that lead up to the present day.

The 24 samples in this calendar is a tribute to our old history and to our collaborations with our friends.

The adventures of the past are reflected in today’s co-labs. They are the reason why we support the A.H. Riise and Wife’s family scholarship; the Conventus Ranae Foundation, which helps form elite soldiers; the Naval Cadet Academy that fosters today’s sea heroes; and the maintenance of the Museum Ship Frigate Jylland.

The 24 samples in this box represent a historical journey in A.H. Riise’s universe of taste, from award-winning rum liquor blends based on our West Indian heritage and navy traditions to modern interpretations based on new co-labs.

Christmas calendar
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La Galante

Old St. Croix Non Plus Ultra La Galante is complex, full-bodied, and soft with a spicy taste of orange, creamy vanilla and lemon with gentle notes from oak barrels.