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24 Experiences

A tribute to the old rum history. The box is filled with award-winning blends and 2023 news from A.H. Riise and Santos Dumont.

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24 different samples

A fine spirits journey

The book-shaped box contains some of the best spirits you will ever taste. It also contains the journey of our West Indian rum. Christopher Columbus discovered the islands on his second voyage to the New World in 1493. With him, he brought, among other things, sugar cane. The most suitable island for growing sugar canes was St. Croix. Due to its lush nature, it was nicknamed “The Garden of the West Indies”.

St. Croix was the center of sugar cane agriculture in the Danish West Indies from the early 1700s. But sugar was not the only commodity. It soon became apparent that the residual product molasses could be used for the distillation of a sweet, aromatic alcohol.

The 24 different samples in this callendar is a tribute to the old rum history — some filled with, yesterday’s award-winning blends — other with 2023 news.

One of the pioneers in the production of West Indian rum was the Danish pharmacist Albert Heinrich Riise, who lived and worked in the Danish West Indies from 1838 to 1878. His rum quickly became popular, and in 1893 the old A.H. Riise company placed Danish West Indian rum on the world map and received international recognition.

Indulge yourself or someone you love with this beautiful 24 Experiences box containing blends from A.H. Riise and Santos Dumont. And yes, it is also the perfect Christmas Calendar!

A.H. Riise 24 Xmas Calendar

La Galante

Old St. Croix Non Plus Ultra La Galante is complex, full-bodied, and soft with a spicy taste of orange, creamy vanilla and lemon with gentle notes from oak barrels. 

A taste for any occasion


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