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The International Taste Institute gives top ratings to Very Rare, La Galante and Signature.

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More than 200 professional taste experts

Recognition from the top drawer

The jury of the International Taste Institute consists of more than 200 professional taste experts who are members of the world’s most prestigious chef and sommelier associations. Each jury member is carefully selected on the basis of participation in other taste evaluation events such as e.g. Le Guide Michelin and Gault & Milau. The jury members of the Taste Institute come from over 20 countries and all are external and independent. Their knowledge in the field of taste and their ability to provide relevant feedback are continuously evaluated and monitored by the International Taste Institute.

All tastings are conducted blind and in complete silence, and jury members have no prior knowledge of the product being tested, apart from its category.

Each product is scored from 1-100 in the following categories: First impression, vision, olfaction, taste and final sensation. A product scoring between 70-80% is designated a notable product and is honoured with the award of 1 star. A product scoring between 80-90% is designated a remarkable product and is honoured with the award of 2 stars. If a product scores 90-100%, the product is designated exceptional and receives the highest award: 3 stars. A.H. Riise Very Rare, La Galante and Signature have all been awarded the ‘exceptional’ stamp and boast 3 stars.

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