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The perfect Father's Day gift - for every budget

Here’s the perfect fathers day gift for the historically interested dad, the adventurous dad, the party-loving dad or the Luxury Aficionado.

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The perfect fathers day gift

Unique blends - just like your father

What do you give the world’s best dad on Father’s Day? We have selected four unique blends, all based on the finest rum, but each with its own story.

Is your father historically interested? If so, the Copenhagen Medal is probably to his taste. This tasty best-seller is inspired by the A.H. Riise rum, which was awarded a medal at a large exhibition in Copenhagen in 1888. Read more about the Copenhagen Medal here.

For the adventurous father, we recommend A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy 40%. The Navy series pays tribute to sailors and tastes of adventure on the seven seas. If you treat your father to a bottle of Frogman, Cadet or Fregatten Jylland, you are also supporting the frogman corps, the Danish cadets or the museum ship Fregatten Jylland. Read more about The Original Navy 40% here.

If your father is the sociable type, then the Non Plus Ultra series will undoubtedly be to his taste. Non Plus Ultra means “nothing after this” in Latin and refers to the uncompromising quality in these bottles. The series has won several awards for their excellent taste, and the elegant faceted carafes look great in the bar cupboard. Read more about Non Plus Ultra La Galante.

Is your father into top-shelf luxury? In that case, A.H. Riise Signature is the right choice. The pyramid-shaped bottle is a true masterpiece. The velvety taste and aromas are simply outstanding. A luxury blend created from only the best casks, which makes Signature worthy of celebrating the big moments in life. Read more about Signature here.


Do you want to pamper mom too?

Make the world’s best mother smile by treating her to one of our delicious cream liqueurs. It is the perfect choice for those who prefer creamy sweetness to alcohol. The taste is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known whiskey liqueurs, only slightly sweeter and more aromatic. Like the difference between a hike in Ireland or a sun holiday in the Caribbean. We know what we prefer.

Read more about Mother’s Day here.

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