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Get in the Christmas mood

Christmas and rum go hand in hand, bringing joy and warmth to holiday celebrations with christmas rum cocktails.

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festive tradition to the next level

Experience the perfect Christmas vibe!

Christmas in a bottle
A.H. Riise XO Christmas Edition is an aromatic blend of the finest rums from the West Indies and Central America, aged in PX sherry casks. Make it a part of your Christmas lunch, a delightful alternative to schnapps, or savor it neat while unwrapping Christmas presents.

The sweetest hostess gift
Share the holiday spirit with A.H. Riise Rum Creams, crafted from barrel-aged XO rum and fresh cream from free-range cows. Choose from Rum Cream and Rum Cream with a hint of caramel and sea salt. Perfect on the rocks, in coffee, or as a finishing touch to your favorite ice cream dessert.

Make the perfect cocktail
A.H. Riise Black Barrel is the ideal mixer for Christmas drinks and christmas rum cocktails cocktails. The spicy taste goes perfectly with rum & cola and cocktails that require a good dark rum. The result is a deep, aromatic flavor that gives your drink or cocktail extra finesse. A quality blend that can also be enjoyed neat or on-the-rocks.

The present for true rum lovers
“Non Plus Ultra” means “nothing after this” in Latin. And nothing in the exclusive Non Plus Ultra collection is left to chance: unique blends containing premium rum matured in charred oak casks, elegantly bottled in beautiful carafes.

Let’s make this holiday season truly exceptional and unforgettable!

A.H. Riise XO Christmas Edition

24 experiences box

Indulge yourself or someone you love with a personal tasting. Featuring 24 variants from our current assortment and upcoming products, A.H. Riise’s history box is the perfect introduction to our universe. And yes, it is also the perfect Christmas Calendar!

A taste for any occasion


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