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Historical logo on the Non Plus Ultra collection

Although a part of the packaging is new, the great taste remains the same.

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As a tribute to A.H. Riise’s West Indies heritage

Old St. Croix – history in a bottle

As a tribute to A.H. Riise’s West Indies heritage, all new carafes in our Non Plus Ultra collection will, from now on, bear the emblem “Old St. Croix” – the original trademark that A.H. Riise used 150 years ago when he put Danish West Indian rum on the world map. The name refers to the lush West Indian island, St. Croix, where they produced the quality of sugar cane and molasses that A.H. Riise preferred for distilling his Riise rum.

New label and box design, same good taste
Although a part of the packaging is new, the taste remains the same. And it is pretty unique. Non Plus Ultra means “nothing after this” in Latin. And nothing in this exclusive collection is left to chance. The secret behind these unique blends is the combination of golden drops aged in the highest quality casks. The charred old casks used for Non Plus Ultra are burned longer than usual, meaning the rum takes on more color and aroma. The well-known XO bottles retain the well-known A.H. Riise logo but get new labels depicting the West Indies. 

Now is the time if you collect old NPU
The Old St. The Croix emblem is already on NPU “La Galante,” introduced in 2022. Once the existing stock of “Very Rare,” “Ambre d’Or Excellence,” and “Black Edition” is sold, these bottles will also be updated with the historic logo. For some time, you can find NPUs in stores in old and new designs. So if you are missing one or more of the old Non Plus Ultra bottles in your collection, now is the time to shop!

A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra collection

Old St. Croix –
A piece of Danish rum-history

150 years ago, A.H. Riise put Danish rum from the West Indies on the world map under the trademark “Old St. Croix”. The island of St. Croix – The Garden of the West Indies – was the center of cultivation of sugarcane and the production of sugar in the Danish West Indies from the early 1700s. The by-product molasses was used to make rum. To this day, the heart of our blends continues to be distilled on molasses.

La Galante

Non Plus Ultra La Galante is complex, full-bodied, and soft with a spicy taste of orange, creamy vanilla and lemon with gentle notes from oak barrels. 

Ultra Premium Collection


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