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Non Plus Ultra Quiz

Do you know the story behind A.H. Riise’s NON PLUS ULTRA blends? Why do they carry this name, and what is so special about them? Take the quiz and participate in the competition for a bottle of Non Plus Ultra. You will enter the draw, regardless of how you answer. The deadline for participation is June 30, 2024.

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What does "Non Plus Ultra" mean in Latin?

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How many different variants are there in the Non Plus Ultra series?

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What unique characteristic is shared by the casks used in the Non Plus Ultra series?

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What is a distinctive feature of the bottles used in the Non Plus Ultra series?

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What historical A.H. Riise trademark does the Non Plus Ultra collection feature on its new carafes?

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Which historical figure's ship is commemorated in the naming of Non Plus Ultra La Galante?

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Which Non Plus Ultra bottles have received awards from received an award from a recognised tasting institutions?

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La Galante

Old St. Croix Non Plus Ultra La Galante is complex, full-bodied, and soft with a spicy taste of orange, creamy vanilla and lemon with gentle notes from oak barrels. 

A taste for any occasion


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