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Returning to Riise's West Indian roots

A.H. Riise Spirits has entered into a partnership with the travel and tourism agency Atlantic Link.

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History in a bottle

A new partnership

A.H. Riise Spirits has entered into a partnership with the travel and tourism agency Atlantic Link, working to raise awareness about the Danish West Indies. We hope we can inspire others to visit the islands, whose nature and beauty led Albert Heinrich Riise to embark on the adventure of his life.

Together with Atlantic Link, we participate in fairs and events, creating the perfect West Indian atmosphere with travel tips, great stories, and golden drops from A.H. Riise. For example, from February 23-25, 2024, you can meet us at “Danish Travel Show” in Herning, which with 65,000 visitors is Scandinavia’s largest travel fair. At the lounge area on stand G5610 in hall G, you can learn more about A.H. Riise’s many years on the islands, his contributions to the mapping of flora and fauna, and not least the story of Danish-West Indian rum, while you enjoy a glass of Riise!

History in a bottle
The scent and taste of a glass of A.H. Riise are like a journey back in time to the Danish West Indies. It is here, on these sun-drenched islands, that the pharmacist Albert Heinrich Riise put Danish West Indian rum on the world map.

The year is 1838, and the young and adventurous pharmacist Albert Heinrich Riise from Ærø in Denmark has just been appointed as the royal privileged pharmacist for the island of St. Thomas. A position that also gave him monopoly status to produce alcohol, which at the time was a pharmacy commodity.

A.H. Riise built his three-story “Apothecary Hall” on Dronningensgade 6, which is the main street in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas. From this place, A.H. Riise sold not only ordinary pharmacy goods but also his famous “Bay Rum” hair elixir and rum.

Initially, Albert produced rum and bitters as medicine for stomach ailments. But his rum quickly gained popularity beyond its medicinal function, and the Danish navy became one of his first major customers. In 1893, The A.H. Riise Company received its first international medal at the World’s Fair in Chicago.

Old St. Croix mill
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One of A.H. Riise’s first trademarks

"Old St. Croix" returns

One of A.H. Riise’s first trademarks was “Old St. Croix”. The name refers to the lush island of St. Croix, which from the early 1700s and two centuries forward was the center for the cultivation of sugar cane and the production of sugar. It was from here A.H. Riise purchased the by-product molasses, which was the basis for the distillation of Riise’s popular rum.

The historical rum brand was first introduced in the early 1870s when Riise began marketing his rum in the United States and Central America and needed a good name for the golden drops. Today, A.H. Riise Spirits has reintroduced the original trademark on its Non Plus Ultra blends, as a tribute to A.H. Riise’s craftsmanship and traditions.

Dreaming of visiting the West Indies?
The Danish West Indies are for better or worse closely tied to Denmark’s history as a maritime nation and colonial power. Even today, more than 100 years after the islands became American, you can walk around streets with Danish names and find traces of A.H. Riise’s life and work on the islands. Click here for more information on travel to the West Indies.

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