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There is nothing as wonderful as a good bottle of Riise. Unless you have a whole collection.

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Celebrating good taste

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For a true A.H. Riise Collector it’s all about the good taste, of course. But it’s also about having something special in the bar cupboard. Perhaps you are the lucky owner of discontinued Riise variants, or have collected a complete Riise series? As A.H. Riise Collector, you appreciate the elegant bottles and the good stories behind the golden drops. The fact that it can also be a good investment is just an added bonus. Because we see that some variants, e.g. A.H. Riise Platinum, Centennial and Founders series increase in price dramatically over time and are traded internally among rum collectors.

At A.H. At Riise, we are very proud that there are so many rum collectors among our customers. Below you can download the full list of all released and discontinued products and meet Kurt, who talks about what it’s like to be a real A.H. Riise Collector.

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Some days are just better than others

A special Riise Moment

A Royal Navy on the harbor after racing, the perfect finale to a good dinner – or cozying up around the campfire… Do you have a special moment or occasion when you enjoy a glass of Riise? Then we would like to hear from you. Post a #riisemoment on your own – or our – Facebook or Instagram profile.

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A taste for any occasion


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