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We have put together three delicious tasting boxes which provide a perfect introduction to A.H. Riise Spirits’ universe. The three boxes contain an A.H. Riise glass, coasters with tasting notes for each of the eight mini bottles (2 cl) with different blends from A.H. Riise’s XO, Danish Navy, the Ultra Premium series and blends from Santos Dumont. The ninth bottle is a special surprise!

The three rum gifts set have been named “Albert“, “Henriette” and “Valdemar” after Albert Heinrich Riise himself, his wife and one of their sons. Click here to see what’s in each box.

Use the tasting boxes to find your personal favorite before buying a whole bottle – or to organize your own Masterclass for friends and family. The tasting set contains links to videos with our brand ambasador rum expert Lars Code, who comments on each blend and shares the fantastic stories behind them. Click Play on the video below and see the introduction. 

A.H. Riise tasting boxes
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