The power of a Navy Cadet

Tug of war with the strongest cadets on Saturday 12 August from 12:30 – 13:30

Taste Riise and get a good offer

Watch the naval officers of the future compete at the Nordic Cadet event

On August 9 – 13, Frederikshavn forms the setting for the Nordic Cadet Competition, NOCA 2023. Over 400 cadets from the Nordic navies’ officer schools will participate, with participation from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. The cadet event is annual, and the hosting is rotated between the four nations. This year, it is the Navy’s Officers’ School in Denmark, which, in collaboration with Frederikshavn Municipality.

During the week, the cadets compete in disciplines such as tug-of-war, pentathlon, cross-country running, football, volleyball, and swimming, after which a winner is chosen based on the overall outcome of the competitions. Tug-of-war, in particular, is a big event on the square by the church in Frederikshavn on 12 August from 12:30 – 13:30. Watch the cadets compete and try tug-of-war against them.

A.H. Riise pays tribute to the Danish cadets
The Danish navy and Danish naval officers have safeguarded Denmark’s security for centuries. To honor the Danish naval heroes, both famous and unknown, we have launched the exclusive blend A.H. Riise “Naval Cadet”. Part of the profit is donated to the Navy’s Officers School’s student association.

Come by and enjoy a glass of A.H. Riise while you experience the naval officers of the future giving each other a fight to the finish line. Find our flags and the bar; our local retailers will offer tastings and great deals on selected bottles! We look forward to seeing you!

Royal Danish Naval Cadet Academy rum bottle