Quiz: Barrel-aged rum

Barrel aged rum

Put your knowledge of barrel-aged rum to the test and see if you’re a true connoisseur of this flavorful spirit.

Quiz: Fun Fact Rum

Drawing of men fighting and drinking on a ship

Rum has had many uses throughout the ages. Take the quiz and see if you can guess them!

Quiz: Celebrity

Woman drinking a cocktail

Many famous people have particularly appreciated rum-based cocktails – some have even had a cocktail named after them.

Quiz: St. Croix

Island in the middle of the ocean

If rum has a birthplace, it is in the West Indies. One of the islands most suitable for growing sugarcane was the lush island of St. Croix, which pays a key role in the history of A.H. Riise.

Quiz: Test your rum knowledge

Rum bottles and a glass of rum

Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum! Test your knowledge of the popular drink and enter the competition for a bottle of Non Plus Ultra La Galante.