Pure Gold

60ml signature2 dashed angostura bitters20ml lime juice 10ml simple sugar10ml orange liqueur30-40 ml sparkling wine Gold dust Pour rum, bitters, lime, sugar and the liqueur in the shaker. Add some ice and shake it well. Double strain into a wine glass and add some dust powder. Top up (30-40ml) of sparkling wine. Ready to serve

Riise Negroni

3 cl Family Reserve3 cl Sweet Vermouth3 cl Coffee Bean infused Campari To infused the Campari with coffee beans; pour 1/2 cup of quality coffee beans into 70 cl Campari, in a air-tight container. Let it rest for 20-24 hours, and then filter it back into the bottle. – Stir with plenty of ice directly […]

Family Boost

5 cl Family Reserve1.5 cl Orange Liqueur 2.5 cl Blackberry Dietary Supplement 0.5 cl Freshly squeezed lemon juice1.5 cl Ginger & Hibiscus Syrup – Shake all with plenty of ice– Fine strain into a coupe over fresh ice– Garnish with blackberries Enjoy

Clear the Deck

4.5 cl Non Plus Ultra Very Rare1.5 cl From the Barrel whisky1.5 cl Sweet Vermouth1.5 cl Green Chartreuse0.5 cl Homemade Cinnamon syrup1 Dash Aromactic Bitters – Stir with plenty ice– Strain into a chilled glass over a large cube of ice– Garnish with a dehydrated lemon wheel Enjoy

The Riise Diamond

55 ml Non Plus Ultra Very Rare20 ml Licor 43 coffee infused20 ml CampariDash angostura bitters – Add all ingredients to a mixing glass together with ice – Stir until perfect dillution is obtained – Strain into a chilled glass with ice – Garnish with maraschino cherry and orange peel – Express with flaming orange […]

Riise Wood

2.5 cl Non Plus Ultra Very Rare2.5 cl Cointreau2.5 cl Golden Falernum1 cl Ginger & Camomile syrup 0.5 cl Tatratea Bohemian 62% – Shake with plenty ice, love and patience– Fine strain into a chilled coupe over a large rock ice Enjoy

Black Pearl

6 cl Non Ultra Plus Black Edition1.5 cl Herbal Digestive Liqueur1.5 cl Banane Du Brasil2 Dashes Orange Bitters 2 Dashes Aromatic Bitters – Stir with plenty ice– Strain over a huge block of ice into a chilled glass– Garnish with a dehydrated blood orange wheel Enjoy

Figging Plus Creamy

5 cl Non Plus Ultra Black Edition2.5 cl Cream Sherry1.5 cl Cold Brew Espresso2-3 Dashes Chocolate Bitters – Stir all with plenty Ice, Love & Patience– Strain into a chilled coupe over a large rock of ice – Garnish with a dehydrated fig Enjoy

Ultra Riise on Grapes

3 cl Non Plus Ultra Ambre d’Or Excellence1.5 cl Vanilla-infused cognac2.5 cl Sweet Vermouth1.5 cl Rhubarb Liqueur0.5 cl Yasmin & Orange syrup1 Dash Chocolate Bitters – Dry-Shake slowly and with great care– Pour into a chilled coupe over a large rock ice– Let it evolve as you sip Enjoy