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Assessment and recognition of rum and other spirits are carried out according to specific guidelines, by a jury of experienced judges who work professionally with wine and spirits. Learn more about our award winning rum blends.

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How a prize is awarded

As a consumer, it can be difficult to choose from among the many different brands and blends of rum available on the market. Picking a award winning rum or spirit will help you get the best. If a product has received an award from a recognised tasting institution, you can be sure that it is a quality product that has been tasted and approved by independent experts. In the end, however, what’s most important is that YOU like the product. That’s why you can taste the products offered at most A.H. Riise dealers.

Spirit tastings are typically conducted blind, so that tasters cannot assess the spirits on the basis of prior knowledge of a particular brand. A judging panel may be made up of several hundred experts to ensure a fair and objective evaluation. Most taste institutes use the same five criteria for analysis: First Impression, Vision, Olfaction, Taste and Final Sensation.


Award winning rum blends & liquours


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Caramel Cream wins gold

The International Taste Institute gives top ratings to Caramel Cream. The jury of the International Taste Institute consists of more than 200 professional taste experts who are members of the world’s most prestigious chef and sommelier associations. Each jury member is carefully selected on the basis of participation in other taste evaluation events such as e.g. Le Guide Michelin and Gault & Milau.