Supporting the next-gen sea heroes

In collaboration with the Navy Cadet Association, we have created an exclusive blend. A part of the profit is donated to the association and the upcoming sea heroes. 

We celebrate new and existing heroes

Navy Cadet Association

For centuries, the Danish navy and Danish naval officers have safeguarded Denmark’s security. To honor these numerous famous and unknown Danish sea heroes, we have created our exclusive blend, Naval Cadet.

A career as a navy officer with many months a year at sea means opting out of many other things. It’s one thing to be able to handle the crew on one of the Navy’s vessels, it’s another to be able to navigate long distance relationships, which for many naval officers a little too often end up in stormy weather.

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Naval Cadet is made in collaboration with the cadets at the Navy Officers’ Acadamy. It is with pride that A.H. Riise donates a part of the profit and supports naval officers’ historical tradition of creating security for all of us at sea as well as on land.

Bottles we share with our friends

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Family Reserve

This blend is traditionally served at a gathering of the descendants of A.H.Riise once every five years.

Naval Cadet

Handpicked by our master distillers this blend has the perfect balance between tradition and strength.

Thin Blue Line

With this blend we provide support together with the association Thin Blue Line to police officers who have been injured while carrying out their jobs.

Navy Frogman

The Frogman Corps is the Danish equivalent of the American Navy Seals. When buying a Navy Frogman you commemorate the Conventus Ranae association.

The Frigate Jylland

A subtle blend made from rum distillates – both young and old – in respect for naval traditions.

Being a part of the Naval history

In June 1838, the Danish Government officially granted Albert Heinrich Riise the exclusive right to establish a pharmacy on the island of Saint Thomas in the Danish West Indies. The rights included the production of alcohol-based medicines and tonics in his pharmacy. A. H. Riise soon began distilling rum and experimenting with flavours. The strong, sweet liquor became the start of a close connection to the Danish navy. Not only did A.H. Riise become the supplier of rum to the fleet in West India. Stored in old oak barrels, the golden drops were also shipped back to Copenhagen by the navy, where they were kept securely under navy guard. A.H. Riise continues to celebrate its connection with the Danish navy. Even today, officers who have successfully undergone their training celebrate their “passing out” with a couple of tots of A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy.