Help for injured police officers

We support the association Thin Blue Line with an exclusive blend. Part of the sales profit goes to the association.


help for injured police officers

Thin Blue Line Denmark

A.H. Riise Spirits, together with the association Thin Blue Line, provide support to police officers who have been injured while carrying out their jobs. The Danish police are doing a huge job to make Denmark a safe and secure place to live. Police officers who have been injured – physically or mentally – in the course of their work need help.

Sometimes the help from the public health system is not sufficient or fast enough. That is why a group of police officers has set up the private support association Thin Blue Line. To support the good cause, A.H. Riise Spirits has entered a partnership with Thin Blue Line and created the exclusive blend: “A.H. Riise XO The Thin Blue Line Denmark”. Part of the profit from the sale goes directly to The Thin Blue Line and their relief work.

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The history of
A.H. Riise

In June 1838, the Danish Government officially appointed Albert Heinrich Riise as the exclusive pharmacist for the caribbean island, Saint Thomas, part of the former Danish West Indies. This granted him monopoly status to produce alcohol in his pharmacy.

Initially, Albert developed rum and bitters as medicine for stomach ills. However, his rum soon gained popularity beyond its medical function, and in 1893 he received an International Medal at the World Exhibition in Chicago. A.H. Riise created strong brands such as “Old St. Croix”, “Riises Guava Rum” and “A.H Riise Rum”.

He was awarded many honorary positions on the island of St. Thomas. At one point he was Director of the National Bank of St. Thomas and was made Knight of the Order of Dannebrog in 1860.