A.H.Riise Centennial Celebration Rum

A.H. Riise Centennial Celebration Rum is a special limited edition. It is an exclusive rum with a multifaceted taste.

The rum is aged for up to 21 years in select casks that previously contained Pedro Ximenezsherry, Oloroso-sherry and port wine. The two sherry casks are from the sweet end of the sherry spectrum,while the port wine cask has housed Ruby Port.This special blend offersa fantastic taste that is well worth celebrating.

A.H. Riise Centennial Celebration Rum is bottled in a beautiful and sophisticated luxury carafe with an engraved cork stopper. The rum comes in an elegant and stylish gift box.

Limited edition: Only 10,000 bottles

The rum is a tribute – not only to A.H.Riise, but also to the life and the original residents of St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix. It is a reminder of the time when the Danish colonists and the island’s inhabitants served the same king.

Each bottle is individually numbered, and just 10,000 bottles have been produced to celebrate this special event. As an extra detail, the cheque for25 million dollars – the amount that the US paid the Danish state for the West Indian Islands – is reproduced on the numbered bottles.

Logbook: A.H. Riise and the creator of Tivoli

The Danish colony on St. Thomas was not large, and everyone knew each other. It was also probable that Tivoli’s creator, Georg Carstensen, and A.H. Riise had met each other over a nice glass of rum. Georg Carstensen showed up on the Danish islands after the first of the Schleswig wars. Here, these two kindred spirits found a mutual inspiration: Carstensen in the entertainment industry, which had always had connections to the precious alcohol, including Riise’s rum. When Riise returned to his home country, he went to live in the Copenhagen borough of Frederiksberg in the villa Skt. Thomas. After Riise’s death, the villa was sold and transformed into an entertainment establishment, and the ring was closed.


Pickled fruits, butterscotch and copper notes


Oak and old leather, intense sherry notes and the sweetness from the port wine


Long and lingering, with surprising hints of mint and creme brulée


Light mahogany

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