A.H. Riise Frogman Rum

A.H. Riise Frogman Rum is based upon A.H. Riise’s classic Danish Navy Rum and is a concentrated edition of the well-known Navy Rum series. It is rum for the aficionado who appreciates strength and weight.

A.H. Riise Frogman Rum is blended from up to 20-year-old rum distillates and, with its high alcohol content, is a condensed and unique taste experience.

Proof rum with a wholly distinctive taste

A.H. Riise Frogman Rum is a very special rum, which has a significant connection to the Danish fleet and the maritime life. The rum is created with respect for and in collaboration with the Danish Frogman Corps, an elite Danish Special Operations division. Just like the Danish frogmen, this rum is something truly exceptional.

With a powerful 58% alcohol the rum is‘proof’, as they say in America. This term originated because in the 16th century alcohol content was tested by placing gunpowder into the spirit. If the gunpowder could still burn, then the alcohol was ruled to be over ‘proof’ and taxed at a higher level.

Logbook: A.H. Riise and the Danish fleet

A.H. Riise originally supplied rum to the Royal Danish Navy that protected the Danish territory and the merchant vessels that sailed to and from the Danish West Indian Isles against pirate attacks; very similar to the way the Frogman Corps have now been stationed in the world’s hotspots in the international fight against piracy. To this day, there is a strong connection between A.H. Riise Rum and the Danish naval forces:the Frogman Corps Association, and A.H. Riise Rum therefore support the Anders Lassen Foundation, which awards annual grants to those who have made a special effort on Denmark’s behalf.


Despite its high alcoholic volume, the aroma is quite mild,with notes of Christmas cake, leather and cigars


There is‘bite’ from the alcohol, but this brings an intense taste of stewed cherries, burnt figs, cigar boxes and a citrus noteat the top, which providesa good balance


All the aforementioned tastes fade gradually and creamily out



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