A.H. Riise XO Reserve Christmas Rum

A.H. Riise XO Reserve Christmas Rum is produced from rums from the very best distilleries in the West Indies and Central America. It is an exclusive rum blended from the best and oldest casks inA.H. Riise’s abundantly filled cellars.

After many years of careful aging in Europe’s gentle climate, our masterblender has put together a rum that is fantastic in itself. Yet he hasn’t stopped there, however, but has re-casked the Christmas rum in PX and Pedro Ximenezsherry barrels, which has given the rum that extra touch that characterises A.H. Riise.

Christmas rum aged in sherry

The sherry barrels provide just the right finish to A.H. Riise XO Reserve Christmas Rum. PX Sherry is simply an integral part of any Christmas, and many already enjoy it as an accompaniment to theirtraditional risalamandedessert.

Now this has been coupled with a wholly fantastic Christmas rum to give a conclusive finish that elevates the rum into a very special class.

Enjoy this with your Christmas dinner and celebrate this joyous occasion with your friends and family.

Logbook: If you want something done properly, do it yourself

In A.H. Riise’s time it was only natural for the pharmacist himself to manufacture his own medicine, ointments, tinctures and of course, rum. The apothecary was an Aladdin’s Cave, where all things exotic were on view and for sale. In modern times, production on the premises is largely a thing of the past. At A.H. Riise’s St. Thomas Apotek in Vejle however, it is not that long ago since the pharmacy’s own ‘Spar 2’ throat pastilles were produced and packaged in small bags. If you specifically wanted the pharmacy’s own throat pastilles, then a trip to St. Thomas Apotek was necessary. Today we only have pictures of the pastilles left, and neither taste nor smell remain: but they look delicious.


An exotic dessert: Pineapple, mango and ripe honeydew melon with vanilla cream, accompanied by milk chocolate with orange crunch and coconut. Later, a lovely light spicy note comes to the fore


The melon salad flambés from the nose, but there is also a delightfully light herbal note, which balances the sweet fruit taste


A mild, spicy note from the barrel emerges gradually



Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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