King Haakon XO Royal Reserve Rum

Like a king. This is how you will feel when you taste the light, golden drops of King Haakon XO Royal Reserve Rum.

The rum has been recreated with inspiration from the original recipe and accommodates a long-expressed desire from rum aficionados the world over. This rum is said to have been King Haakon’s absolute favourite.

Royal rum from the West Indies

King Haakon the 7th of Norway started his life as Prince Carl of Denmark. He built up his career inthe Royal Danish Navy, which led to him serving on thevessel, Fregatten Jylland.

The national treasure – which shares its name with another variation of A.H. Riise XO Reserve – led the prince to the West Indian Isles. Here he met Valdemar Riise, son of A.H. Riise. Their meeting led to friendship, and they discovered that they shared a mutual interest in good, well-aged vintage rum.

King Haakon XO Royal Reserve Rum is a tribute to both friendship and their leisurely meeting over a well-served glass of rum.

Logbook: The sweet gold

The concept of ‘colonial goods’ was coined at a time when products from the colonies were brought home to Europe: spices, plants, exotic fabrics and, not least, sugar. For a long time, the price of sugar was higher than the price of gold. When you talk about sugar, then you must also include molasses – the syrupy substance which can be turned into rum if it is fermented, distilled and aged. Rum became a goldmine for A.H. Riise, which only pharmacists are able to distill. And he was something of a wizard when it came to blending and aging rum. The old apothecary traditions are the foundation on which the modern A.H. Riise rums are manufactured.




First comes vanilla, coconut and butter caramel. Later, there is a hint of caramelised apple cake with a slightly burnt edge and a light and discrete floral note of lavender


The primary aromatic notes are also discernible in the taste, with the coconut in particular coming to the forefront as an extremely rich and intense taste


The vanilla and butter caramel linger long, together with a hint of orange peel, which balances the rum very well indeed


Light gold

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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