Black Barrel Navy Spiced Rum

A.H.Riise’s rums have always been closely connected to the world’s oceans and the seafaring life, and the wonderful-tasting Black Barrel Navy Spiced Rum is no exception.

Several centuries of experience in aging and blending are evident in this spiced rum. Through aging in heavily burnt oak casks the rum gains a character and colour that lives completely up to its name: black as night and spiced according to an ancient secret recipe.

A steadfast companion on shore, at sea and in the air.

Logbook: A.H. Riise, Ærø and Danishness

A.H. Riise grew up on Ærø. His upbringing was one of financial security, and the family did not need to fear hunger, poverty or the epidemics which ravaged Denmark and Europe at that time. A.H. Riise’s lineage was one of solid, Danish family, but with one exception; at that time, Ærø was part of the Duchy of Schlesvig, and Ærø was not incorporated into the kingdom of Denmark until the peace treaty following the 1864 war. There was however always a special bond between the king and all of A.H. Riise’s family, who considered Denmark as their fatherland and the king as their supreme ruler.


Mocha, walnuts, burnt figs and lightly burnt notes of oak


Christmas spices and dark chocolate unite in a deep, rich taste


The mocha taste returns and tones out gradually



Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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