A.H.Riise Family ReserveSolera 1838 Rum

This cask-aged rum is aged in A.H. Riise’s deep, cool rum cellars. A.H. Riise Family Reserve Solera 1838 Rum draws on the very best from the portfolio of A.H. Riise’s oldest and highest quality casks.

This rum, which is primarily aimed at hedonists who know how to enjoy life, has previously been exclusively reserved for the heirs and successors of A.H. Riise. A.H. Riise Family Reserve Solera 1838 Rum has typically been served when the entire Riise clan gathers every five years.

Now, however, this exclusive rum has been made available to a wider audience; for those who appreciate immersing themselves in a precious, aged spirit, here is an opportunity to taste something really unique.

Re-caskedusing the Solera method

Once the master blender has combined the aged vintage rums, the rum is re-caskedusing the Solera method.

The method is a system of aging, often 5-6 layers of barrels high, and of a number across that would form a pyramid. The youngest rum, which is placed at the top, is tapped down into the older rows below. Each time a row is filled up, this blend is tapped down into the row beneath.

This process continues until all the barrels have been filled. The bottom row, called the Solera row, thus has a small percentage of every vintage in it and offers a wonderfully tasting rum that is well worth waiting for.

Logbook: When your father was a boy

There is nothing new in older generations teaching their children and grandchildren about how hard they had it growing up and during their youth. Apparently, A.H. Riise took every opportunity he was given to describe how hard it was to be an apothecary’s apprentice when he was young: how he, in the biting cold, had stood in the pharmacy courtyard cleaning glass jars of powerful distillates, and how he had to get up long before all the others to fire up the stove. A.H. Riise’s harsh stories failed to scare off his sons however, who both became skilled pharmacists and, not least, world-class rum producers.


Dark spices and a hint of smoke. Pickled orange peel and umami


First fruit candy, followed by a more powerful note with light leather and cardamom


Lemon vanilla cream with sprinkled cinnamon



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