A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Rum 40%

This exceptional rum, with its broad spectrum of aromas and subtleties of taste, offers a quite unique experience. It is a rum aimed at experienced rum aficionados.

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Rum 40% is blended from a variety of rum distillates, which are up to 20 years old. It is a molasses-based rum that is generated through slow fermentation.

It is then distilled in boilers into a rum with 85% alcohol content. This is achieved using the traditional pot still distillation method, which gives the rum a high content of ester sand a powerful aroma. Finally, the rum is diluted to a comfortable 40% volume,before being poured into bottles and made ready for a rum experience of exceptional proportions.

Inspiration from the original Royal Navy Rum

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Rum 40% is created with inspiration from the original recipes for Royal Navy Rum. The recipes were developed by A.H. Riise,and the rum was supplied to the fleet’s ships when they docked in the port of Charlotte Amalie in the former Danish West Indies.

In A.H. Riise’s time all fully-fledged Danish sailors serving in the Danish merchant or military fleets were entitled to their daily measure of rum. This was a fixed clause in their contract. The rum was rationed out by the ship’s quartermaster, who carefully monitored the sailors to ensure the rum was drunk and not saved up for parties later.

The rum was crucial in ensuring that the Danish sailors did not die of thirst. After a short time at sea, the water onboard became undrinkable, whereas the rum simply got better the longer it was left in the casks. It was this rum which was supplied by Denmark’s best rum manufacturer.

Logbook: You take what you want

Several hundred years ago, expeditions frequently set sail from the European continent in particular in order to establish colonies in the New World. Denmark took part in these voyages, but had to make do with the colonies which England, Holland, France and Spain overlooked. St. Thomas and St. Jan were annexed without great difficulty; the native residents on the islands simply did not have a say in the matter. The problem was simply that the point of assimilating the two islands into Denmark was to cultivate sugar cane: the very idea of manufacturing A.H. Riise’s rum would simply not exist without molasses from sugar cane. Neither of the islands, however, were suited for the purpose. St. Croix was, on the other hand, but it had already been annexed by France. It did not seem sensible or realistic to wage war with the French for the island, but what could you do instead? You could simply buy the island from the French, again without asking the native residents of the island.


A rich, deep nose with liquorice (like old-fashioned cough syrup), orange peel, coconut, papaya, eucalyptus and a twist of mint. A depth, reminiscent of boiled balsamic vinegar, black tea and spiced Christmas cake provide a discreet backdrop for the other notes.


All the sensations from the nose are repeated in a sweet, round and full-bodied mouthfeel which balances the richness with green notes of eucalyptus and mint, yellow citrus notes and the bitterness of liquorice and balsamic vinegar.


Tones gradually fade out with notes of mochaand dark chocolate with orange



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