A.H. Riise Royal Danish Rum 55%

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Rum 55% is cultivatedand manufactured based on the original recipes used for the fantastic Royal Navy Rum.

This is a powerful and flavoursome rum, which distinguishes itself by having a high alcohol content without this affecting the taste, aside from thewell-planned ‘bite’ in the aroma.

A magnificent rum for the Danish fleet

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Rum 55% is one of several examples of the relationship that was formed early on between the Danish Navy andA.H. Riise.

Rum was a central part of the sailors’ salary when they served in either the Danish merchant or military navy, and it needed to be particularly strong. The sailors thus tested the rum’s alcohol content by pouring it onto gunpowder. If the gunpowder could still ignite, then this meant the quartermaster had not diluted the rum.

A.H. Riise’s great tasting rum also meant that the Danish sailors did not die of thirst.In this way, this exceptional rum and the country’s leading rum producer were already makinga difference for Danes.

Logbook: Son of a pirate

A.H. Riise grew up on the Danish island of Ærø. It was from Ærø that the ships sailed out towards far-off horizons to trade and, not least, return home with silk, spices and exotic goods, including rum, which came to mean everything to A.H. Riise and his successors. Jens Christian Riise was A.H. Riise’s father, who, despite spending most of his life as an upright and law-abiding citizen, ended his days a pirate. In 1812, he was captain of the good ship Hope. The vessel was a privateering ship, blessed by the Danish king to practice piracy on his behalf. But Jens Christian Riise never returned home from his pirate crusade, and went to a watery grave in stormy seas off the Norwegian coast.


Stewed dark fruit, burnt figs, orange peel and a small, well-integrated ‘bite’ from the otherwise high alcohol content


Creamy, spicy and very full-bodied with sherry caramel, dates, cardamom and eucalyptus


Long, creamy and spicedwith a delightful mint overtone


Old saddle leather

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