A.H. Riise Rum Caramel Cream Liqueur

This liqueur is known as a slightly sweeter alternative to the precious old rums of A.H. Riise. In A.H. Riise’s time, the liqueur was said to be an integral element of a luxury lifestyle. The pleasure obtained from the warm alcohol combined with the rich cream was an important part of life for the most exclusive residents of the West Indies. The liqueur also shows its close links to the ocean and the maritime life in that small amounts of sea salt have been added to give the liqueur a perfect balance. The caramel in the liqueur is manufactured according to old confectionery traditions. The result is a soft, languorous caramel that offers a taste of the old days.

Our liqueur is produced with milk from free-range cows from the green meadows in the heart of bucolic rural Ireland.

Logbook: The liqueur

Today liqueurs are manufactured by fine spirits companies and bought in bottles from wine merchants, but less than one hundred years ago, liqueurs were something which individual wine traders or pharmacists would manufacture themselves, and infusion kettles were a permanent fixture in many basements. The producer would start with a base of pure alcohol, to which fruits, berries, spices and medicinal herbs were added. Here, they were permitted to stand for as long as A.H. Riise, for example, considered necessary. When the old pharmacist believed the time was right, he executed a prudent distillation, through which all the impressions from the berries and spices were concentrated and accentuated in the final liqueur. Just imagine that the St. Thomas apothecary in Vejle, having received the garden fruits from its best customers, has transformed them into the sweetest of liqueurs. Now, the customers can sit down on a dark winter evening and remember the evocative aromas of the summer garden.


Light notes of rum and old-fashioned cream caramel


Rich cream and mint followed by dampened notes of coffee and a lightly crisp note of salt


Warm notes of rum with a hint of oak wrapped in cream


Cafe latte

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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