A.H. Riise Rum Cream Liqueur

Take a trip back in time with A.H. Riise Rum Cream Liqueur. This is a gorgeous, creamy liqueur that is also a soft and accommodating alternative to rum.

This liqueur is made for those who find pure rum a challenge. The fine old rum is wrapped in a cloak of the very best cream imaginable, which removes all those sharp edges to leave a powerful yet flavoursome glass of liqueur made from vintage rum and fresh cream.

A creamy, sweet and flavoursome liqueur

With A.H. Riise Rum Cream Liqueur, you also have the chance to taste the good life enjoyed by the wealthier residents of the West Indies.

In Riise’s time, the liqueur was known as a slightly sweeter alternative to A.H. Riise’s precious and powerful rums. The pleasure obtained from the warming alcohol combined with the rich cream was reserved for a very exclusive social class.

As with all of our products, A.H. Riise Rum Cream Liqueur is made from only the very best ingredients. The liqueur is produced with milk from free-range cows from the green meadows atthe very heart of Ireland.

Logbook: Return to Denmark

A.H. Riise had imagined that he would end his days out in the West Indies, but that was not how things turned out. Several natural disasters and epidemics threatened his family’s existence, but the hardest blow came when the Danish government opted to sell the three Danish islands to the USA. The first attempt at selling them failed, but A.H. Riise no longer saw a future on St. Thomas, and the family returned to Denmark in 1869. Riise had installed a leaseholder at the pharmacy on St. Thomas however, so the rum production continued. After A.H. Riise had returned home to Denmark, his son Valdemar Riise continued to run both the pharmacy and rum production.


Citrusnotes from the rum paired with mint caramel


Warm alcohol with a twist of cappuccino, a dash of curled mint and soft, warm caramel


A slightly insistent mint taste, followed by cream caramel


Cafe latte

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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