A.H.Riise XO 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal Rum

A.H. Riise XO 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal Rum is a very special rum; so special and of such high quality in fact that it once won a gold medal. This award was given at the prestigious ‘Nordiske Industri-Landbrugs & Kunstudstilling’ exhibitionback in 1888.

Despite being so long ago, this great honour remains worth celebrating, which is why we have taken the liberty of (re) creatingA.H. Riise XO 1888 Copenhagen Gold Medal Rum according to the original recipe.

Flavoursome blend from the West Indies and Central America
The rum is a blend from the West Indies and Central America. This prestigious rum can be up to 21 years old and no younger than seven years.

This is a complete, well-worked rum which can make even the most fastidious rum aficionado smile. Once the contents of the glass have been savoured, you will immediately understand why the jurors chose the word ‘superlative’ to describe yet another masterpiece from the hand of the A.H. Riise company.

Logbook: Gold medal for a superlative rum

Copenhagen was in the midst of a transformation from a medieval town to a modern citywhen it hosted the great ‘Nordiske Industri-Landbrugs & Kunstudstilling’ in 1888. These ‘world fairs’ were the era’s answer to Google and the internet, where one could see all that was new within science, industry and agriculture. A.H. Riise also took part in the exhibition with his rum and was rewarded a gold medal for his‘superlative’ product.



Soft oak, old leather and dried apricots


Warm spices, Christmas cake and orange peel, ending with a hint of English wine gums


Dried fruit, old oakand a note of sherry


Polished amber

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