A.H. Riise XO Reserve Rum Port Cask

A.H. Riise XO Reserve Rum Port Cask is blended from some of the best and oldest casks from A.H. Riise’s bountiful cellars. It is a combination of rums from the best distilleries in the West Indies and Central America.

After many years of careful aging, our master blender has put together A.H. Riise XO Reserve Rum Port Cask, which is a fantastic rum in itself. To make the experience even greater, however, the rum is then re-casked in select casks that have previously housed a classic port wine.

Logbook:Hooked on the noble art of distillation

A.H. Riise’s interest in rum and the skill involved in blending and distilling rum was aroused when he made his first trip to the West Indian islands. On St. Croix he stayed with the Danish pharmacist Peter Eggert Benzon in Christiansted, among other places. Here, Riise was introduced to the local art of distillation and not least, the already well-known ‘bay rum’, which was a blend of fine West Indian rum and local herbs. It was also on St. Croix that sugar canes were farmed, the juice of which could be distilled into the sweet, aromatic and medicinal West Indian rum. Riise quickly became interested in distillation, and a distillation kettle was one of the first and most important purchases for the new pharmacy on St. Thomas. The seeds were thus sewn for the great rum adventure, from which we reap the fruits to this very day.


Vanilla and yellow fruits such as pineapple and banana come first, below which is a layer of drier, red fruits, and you can feel the influence of the port wine


The yellow and red fruits continue into the taste, together with tobacco and cedar wood


Rich and long with a harmonious, dry chocolatey conclusion


Light gold

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
How about you?

Indeed i am!
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