A.H. Riise XO Reserve – Thin Blue Line Denmark Rum

A.H. Riise XO Reserve – Thin Blue Line Denmark Rum

The Thin Blue Line is a very special edition of A.H. Riise’s XO Reserve.

This is a blend of first-class rum from the West Indies and Central America, where the distillates used to produce this flavorsome amber-colored gold are neverless than seven years in age, with some of them as much as 21 years old.

A blend to make a luxury rum

A.H. Riise’s XO Reserve – Thin Blue Line is also a rum with a cause to highlight: the rum has been blended in honor and support of the Danish police force.

This specially developed rum has taken its name from the Danish Thin Blue Line association, which provides support to Danish police officers who have incurred injury, either physically or mentally, during their years of service. If a police officer has paid the ultimate price, then the association offers support for his or her next-of-kin.

By purchasing A.H. Riise’s XO Reserve – Thin Blue Line you are supporting police officers in Denmark who have paid too high a price for carrying out their duties. Buy this special blend and support the police force and its officers’ work in Denmark.

Logbook: Scented water with Dannebrog on the label

All of A.H. Riise’s stories emphasis that the ability to distill rum and other forms of alcohol was an important part of the renowned ‘from Ærø’ range of products. One product was Riise’s Florida Water – an Eau De Cologne for men and women alike. The scented water contained bergamot oil, rose geranium oil and other ingredients that are still used in the manufacture of perfume today. Despite being so far away from home, A.H. Riise never forgot his love for Denmark and placed both the Dannebrog and the ‘savages’ from the Danish coat of arms on the label.


Leather, with a slight hint of sea fog and a herbal overtone


Complex and intense, with a balanced blend of vanilla, caramel, yellow fruits and herbs


Dried tannin combined with leather and tobacco



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