A.H. Riise XO ReserveRum, Superior Cask

A.H. Riise XO ReserveRum, Superior Cask

XO Reserve is an exclusive rum that we do not hesitate to refer to as A.H. Riise’s signature rum. All acquaintances and lovers of the soft, sweet and characterful rum will instantly rejoice over this aromatic pearl as it hits the tongue, the throat and the palate.

This is a rum blended from a number of carefully selected West Indian rums. The master blender at A.H. Riise has composed this blend of fine old casks together with slightly younger barrels with optimal effect.

Superior Cask composed of the very best barrels

We are well aware that the name‘superior cask’ carries with it certain obligations, which is why this rum is composed of only the very best casks in A.H.Riise’s XOseries.

A.H. Riise XO Reserve Rum, Superior Cask is also produced in small batches, so that the exceptionally high quality is assured every single time. Each batch represents a snapshot in the history and story of A.H. Riise’s exceptional production.

Logbook: Along Vesterbro a negro walked

Some 100 years ago, there was not much diversity among the Danish population. The only thing that separated people from each other was height, build and attire, so it caught the attention of many when more colorful people became to mix with the high and the low alike. When Riise’s pharmacy in Charlotte Amalie in 1917 moved to Denmark, some of the staff moved with it, including Oswald Heath. He was a young, hard-working and intelligent man, and quite naturally, coming as he was from the West Indies, black as night. His skin tone caused such a stir that even the great Danish illustrator Robert Storm Petersen made a drawing portraying the outcry in Vejle, and a popular song in the revue sketches went: “Along Vesterbro a negro walked”. This would, of course, not have happened today.


A light, chilled mint fragrance, over toffee and leather and a hint of citrus


Full-bodied eucalyptus, plum-filled tarte tatin and a hint of white tea with bergamot


Leather and bergamot tone out gradually


Light gold

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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