A.H. Riise XO Sauternes Cask Rum

A.H. Riise XO Sauternes Cask Rum is a blend of several carefully selected West Indian rums and is a subtle and luxurious development of the well-known and popular A.H. Riise XO Reserve.

The master blender at A.H. Riise has combined this blend of fine old casks together with some slightly younger casks with optimal effect.

Sweet, extra-aged rum for aficionados

Once the master blender has added his final touch to the blend, A.H. Riise XO Sauternes Cask Rum is aged yet further in select French casks. In a former life, the casks have housed the sweet white sauterne wine and give the rum an extra sweetness from the powerful taste of the sauterne.

A.H. Riise XO Sauternes Cask Rum is an exclusive rum aimed at all those familiar with this soft, sweet and characterful rum. It is produced in small quantities,and each batch represents a unique snapshot in the history of rum created in the spirit of A.H. Riise.

Logbook: Not just rum

A large part of the inheritance from A.H. Riise is the ability to distil, age and blend fantastic rum. As owner of a pharmacy, however, you cannot live on alcoholic treats alone. If you look in A.H. Riise’s old annals, you can find exotic recipes for fly glue, Frk. Nielsen’s chicken eye ointment, canker powder for dogs and dental drops for cavities of the teeth. It is, however, nonetheless fortunate that the pharmacist from Charlotte Amalie is primarily known for its world-class rums, which we can still enjoy to this very day.


Hay, vanilla, flowers in the meadow, butter caramel and creme brulée


Lemon drops, vanilla cream and fragrant notes from the sauterne casks combined in a delicious union


Rich and creamy, with the notes from the initial taste toning out gradually


Light gold

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
How about you?

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