Non Plus Ultra Black Edition Rum

It doesn’t get much better than this: Non Plus Ultra Black Edition Rum, which is based on the masterpiece of our masterblender, Non Plus Ultra, creates even more magic with additional aging in special burnt casks.

This is achieved by burning the insides of aged oak casks, which allows, for the first time, new wood to come into direct contact with these precious drops. Together with the burnt casks, Non Plus Ultra creates the wonderfully flavoursome Non Plus Ultra Black Edition.

This special rumis also part of a specially developedtrinity from A.H. Riise: be sure to also try its two ‘brothers’, Non Plus Ultra Sauternes Cask Rum and Non Plus Ultra Very Rare Rum.

A premium rum with obligations in its name

A.H.Riise Rom Rum has given thename Non Plus Ultra to our best and most exceptionalUltra Premium Rum, a name that carries with it certain obligations. This phrase (which means ‘not beyond’ in Latin)is said to have stood onthe Pillars of Hercules, which markedthe border between the known and unknown world in theStrait of Gibraltar.

Non Plus Ultra Black Edition is likewise found on the boundarybetween the known and unknown; only the very best and oldest drops from the most aged barrels are used to create the ultimate rum fromA.H. Riise.

Nothing is left to chance, not the beautiful facetedcarafe, the deep glow of the rum, nor the enjoyment you will experience when you taste the rum. It is truly world class, and once you have tasted it, you will wish for nothing else.

Logbook:An offer Denmark could not resist

When sugar cane took a hold on the market, sugar prices dropped dramatically. St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix suddenly became an economic burden for their mother country, and the idea of selling the islands to the US was quickly aired, albeit without result. In 1917, the First World War was raging. Denmark was fortunate enough to remain neutral, but the Americans did not trust that Germany would accept the Danish neutrality, and when Denmark was occupied by the Germans, St. Thomas, St. Jan and St. Croix suddenly belonged to the USA’s Public Enemy Number 1, Germany. This did not please the Americans, and the sale was cemented in 1917. You could say that Denmark was given an offer it could not refuse.


Peach and milk chocolate, butter caramel, followed by lightly burntholiday spices


Milk chocolate with hints of almond and orange, very rich and creamy, towards the end with a hint of tannin, as from a cup of tea


Gingerbreadwith orange glaze



Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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