Non Plus Ultra Very Rare Rum

According to legend,Non Plus Ultra were the words that adorned the Pillars of Hercules near the Strait of Gibraltar. Latin for ‘not beyond’, in antiquity this promontory was said to mark the boundary between the known and the unknown world.

A.H. Riise Rum has given this name, with the obligations it carries, to the best and most exceptional Ultra Premium Rum that exists. Only the very best drops from the highest class of the oldest, most exceptional casks have been used to create the ultimate rum from A.H. Riise.

Non Plus Ultra Very Rare Rum is the masterblender’s masterpiece

Non Plus Ultra is our masterblender’s most exceptional creation. This is the foundation for creating yet another unique taste experience with Non Plus Ultra Very Rare Rum.

Every single stage of the process in creating the wholly sublime Non Plus Ultra Very Rare Rum has been subject to minute control, from the faceted carafe through to the rum’s deep mahogany glow to the final enjoyment you will experience when the rum is transported from glass to mouth.

Non Plus Ultra Very Rare Rum can be found in the crossroads between the known and the unknown. As far as rum is concerned, it doesn’t get much better than this. Fortunately, the rum comes with two equally fantastic and great-tasting brothers: Non Plus Ultra Sauternes Cask Finish and Non Plus Ultra Black Edition.

Try them all before you return to the mundanity of the known world.

Logbook: Arrival on St. Thomas

Bad weather, tropical storms and natural disasters were commonplace in A.H. Riise’s time. While the young A.H. Riise waited impatiently for permission to make the voyage to St. Thomas, the island was subjected to one of the most powerful hurricanes in its history. In August 1837, most of Charlotte Amalie, the main town on St. Thomas, lay in ruins. The Danish colonists did not however hang around in rebuilding the town, and soon Charlotte Amalie was once again ready to bask in the tropical sunshine. A.H. Riise wondered a little upon his arrival at finding a completely new, modern town rather than the sleepy, primitive, tumbledown settlement he had expected, but now both Riise and the town were ready for their great rum adventure.


Spices and lightly chilled mint, muscovado sugar and orange peel


A full-bodied, spicy taste, where the notes from the nose are repeated together with a rich caramel and vanilla


Creamy vanilla caramel


Mahogany with a dark orange edge

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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