Non Plus Ultra Sauternes Cask Rum

Non Plus Ultra – nothing can follow this.

Our master blender has further developed his original Non Plus Ultra Rum to create yet another masterpiece. He has given it time to be re-casked in exceptional quality sauterne wine casks, which we have bought from the best and most respected French wine cellars.

He calls Non Plus Ultra Sauternes Cask Rum his best creation; nothing whatsoever has been left to chance, from the faceted carafe through to the drink’s deep mahogany glow to the final enjoyment, he has managed the process firmly.

Non Plus Ultra Sauternes Cask Rum is a sublime rum experience, and it doesn’t get much better than this.

An exceptional rum from A.H. Riise’s masterblender

According to legend, ’Non Plus Ultra’ (‘not beyond’ in Latin) adorned the Pillars of Hercules, the promontories that bestride the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar and which in antiquity marked the boundary between the known and the unknown world.

A.H.Riise has given this name, and the obligations it carries with it, to one of his best and most exceptional Ultra Premium rums. Only the best drops from the absolute oldest and best casks are used in the creation of the ultimate rum from A.H. Riise.

Non Plus Ultra Sauternes Cask Rum is part of a spirit trinity. Be sure to also try its two brothers, Non Plus Ultra Very Rare and Non Plus Ultra Black Edition.

Logbook: The curious young man A.H. Riise

As a child and a young man, A.H. Riise could often be found in the pharmacy that his grandfather had established on Ærø. The young Albert made intensive studies of what could be created in the way of medicinal products by concentrating and distilling herbs and plants. He also took a pharmaceutical education in Copenhagen, so it was a very energetic and efficient young man who applied for a license to start a pharmacy, including rum production, in the remote West Indies. Many obstacles needed to be overcome before the license was finally granted, and it seemed at times as if it would never happen, but in 1838 the license arrived: his future in the tropics was secured and the great rum adventure awaited.


Pickled yellow plums with orange peel, heather honey and a slight aromatic burnt note from the oak barrels, shortbread biscuits and a light floral, scented overtone


The taste of the ripe and aromatic pickled plums dominates the taste, but all the notes from the nose are present. The taste is rich and lasting


The rich taste tones out very, very gradually


Warm gold

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
How about you?

Indeed i am!
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