A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Bitter

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Bitter is a bitter in a class of its own. It has been created from the very best foundation imaginable: A.H. Riise’s magnificent XO Reserve.

A total of 30 spices and medicinal herbs are added to XO Reserve, all of them known for centuries for their beneficial effects. In this way the great tasting A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Bitter is born.

Great tasting bitter for any occasion

Today, we associate bitter with small, intimate bars or as a boost to the spirits before, during or after a hunt or fishing tour. We can enjoy a glass of bitter without needing a special occasion. This could perhaps be at breakfast on one of those days where we have a little more time.

In A.H. Riise’s time bitter was manufactured by pharmacists. The bitter was considered a cure for most ailments and believed to be generally beneficial for both the soul and body.

In truth however, at that time it was schnapps which was served with medicinal herbs added. It was given the name bitter much later.

Logbook: Bitter for the stomach

Bitter is one of the oldest types of tonic, used as a cure for stomach upsets in particular – which is why for many years it was called not simply bitter but ‘stomach bitter’. The drink has always been popular in countries such as Germany and Italy, just as copious amounts of bitter were drunk in post-war Denmark – often homemade from herbs gathered from the wild. Were you to visit a taproom at that time to enjoy a bitter, the waiter would often serve a sizeable neutral schnapps and add a few drops of concentrated orange bitter. The schnapps changed colour and taste – and became a bitter.


Citrus, light mint and dampened butter scotch


Balanced camphor with citrus at the top, followed by warm spices


Curled mint with gentle notes of oak and camphor


Light mahogany, polished amber

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