Riise Wood

2.5 cl Non Plus Ultra Very Rare2.5 cl Cointreau2.5 cl Golden Falernum1 cl Ginger & Camomile syrup 0.5 cl Tatratea Bohemian 62% – Shake with plenty ice, love and patience– Fine strain into a chilled coupe over a large rock ice Enjoy

Family Boost

5 cl Family Reserve1.5 cl Orange Liqueur 2.5 cl Blackberry Dietary Supplement 0.5 cl Freshly squeezed lemon juice1.5 cl Ginger & Hibiscus Syrup – Shake all with plenty of ice– Fine strain into a coupe over fresh ice– Garnish with blackberries Enjoy

In the Navy

5 cl Royal Danish Navy1.5 cl Passionfruit puree1 cl Freshly squeezed limejuice1 cl Simple syrup – Shake with plenty ice– Strain into a highball filled with plenty ice– Top with Ginger Beer Garnish with fresh mint and dehydrated/fresh orange wheel Enjoy

2 Twist Dark N Frogman

Use a 2-twist glasses allowing 2 different spirits. The idea is that the spirits will then blend in your mouth, but not before – besides being a real treat to look at, these definitely opens up new opportunities. – Fill one with chamber with chilled Frogman Strength. – Fill the other chamber with chilled premium […]

Riise Daq

5 cl Royal Danish Frigate Jylland1 cl Santos Dumont Elixir2 cl Ginger & Hibiscus syrup 2.5 cl Ginger & Lemon Grape juice 1 Dash Lemon bitters – Shake with plenty ice– Fine strain into a chilled coupe– Garnish with autumn flower of the day Enjoy

Riise & Stormy

Built directly in a highball filled with clear ice; Hand squeeze 1 organic lime over the ice1.5 cl Tonic Syrup10-12 cl Premium Ginger Beer – Drop in a few dashes of complex ginger bitters (optional)– Top with Black Barrel Rum– Add a few more ice cubes– Garnish with fresh mint Enjoy