Riised Ernest Hemingway

50ml Copenhagen 188830ml freshly squeezed lime juice30ml pink grapefruit juice20ml Luxardo Maraschino liquor10ml simple sugar  Shake all the ingredients with ice and fine strain into a chilled glass. Decorate with a Maraschino cherry.

1838 Sour

50ml A.H. Riise Danish Navy 40%10-15ml 1838 Bitter30ml lemon juice15ml simple sirup 15ml port wine Egg white Pour rum, bitter, lemon juice, simple sirup and egg white in the shaker. Shake it and double strain in the lowball. Add some ice and slowly pour port wine on the top of the cocktail. Decorate with orange peel. Enjoy

Pure Gold

60ml signature2 dashed angostura bitters20ml lime juice 10ml simple sugar10ml orange liqueur30-40 ml sparkling wine Gold dust Pour rum, bitters, lime, sugar and the liqueur in the shaker. Add some ice and shake it well. Double strain into a wine glass and add some dust powder. Top up( 30-40ml) of sparkling wine. Ready to serve

Riise Delight

5 cl Royal Danish Navy1.5 cl Thyme and lemon syrup6-8 cl Cayenne Pepper Kombucha 1.5 cl Bitters to float – Shake with plenty of ice– Pour into a cold glass– Top with Bitter– Garnish with lemon wheel Enjoy

Riise Daiquiri

5 cl Royal Danish Navy1.5 cl Freshly squeezed lime juice0.5 cl Simple sugar syrup – Shake with plenty quality ice– Strain into a chilled coupe over a large cube – Garnish with a dehydrated/fresh lemon wheel Enjoy

Daggers & Sabres

60 ml Royal Danish Naval Cadet25 ml fresh organic lime juice10 ml green chartreuse10 ml raspberry syrupDash liquorice & peppermint bitters – Add all ingredients to a shaker – Fill with crushed ice– Give it a good shake– Pour into a chilled glass – Top with crushed ice– Garnish with dehydrated pitahaya, lime, freeze dried […]

Riise Daq

5 cl Royal Danish Frigate Jylland1 cl Santos Dumont Elixir2 cl Ginger & Hibiscus syrup 2.5 cl Ginger & Lemon Grape juice 1 Dash Lemon bitters – Shake with plenty ice– Fine strain into a chilled coupe– Garnish with autumn flower of the day Enjoy

Navy Riise

3 cl Royal Danish Navy Strength 55% 3 cl Yellow Chartreuse 3 cl Aperol 3 cl Freshly squeezed lime juice1 Dash Lemon Bitters – Shake all with ice– Strain into a chilled coupe Enjoy

The Thin Blue Line

6 cl Thin Blue Line XO Reserve3 cl Lime Juice1.5 cl Cane Sugar Syrup1 cl Cassis SyrupAbsinthe Rinse (optional) – Shake with plenty ice– Fine strain into a chilled glass– Garnish dehydrated lime wheel Enjoy

Riise’s Thin Blue Line

3 cl Thin Blue Line XO Reserve2.5 cl Freshly squeezed lemon juice1.5 cl Bergamotte Syrup 1.0 cl Danish Navy Bitters to float – Shake all except Bitters with plenty ice– Strain into a glass filled with pebble ice– Float with Bitters Enjoy