Fregatten Jylland

Fregatten Jylland is an exclusive edition of our popular Danish Navy Rum. It is also a unique opportunity to taste the rum that kept up the morale of Danish sailors during the 1800s. Fregatten Jylland is blended from a great variety of rum distillates – some of them up to 20 years old – and this method allows it to achieve an alcohol content of 45%.

Rum according to the old apothecary methods

It is the old apothecary methods, which are still used today that create the rum that A.H. Riise produces. The distillates were developed following trials using plants Riise had gathered from around the Danish West Indian Isles.

In the Danish West Indian Isles he also took an interest in Fregatten Jylland, which, in its prime, was a central part of the Danish war fleet. The campaigns in the West Indies and St. Thomas were part of the efforts to enforce Danish sovereignty, for which the sailors were rewarded with daily rations of A.H. Riise’s Navy Rum.

Even though Fregatten Jylland is now permanently docked, the chance to sample a rum from this important era should not be missed.

Logbook: On rails from the pharmacy to the docks

At the pharmacy in Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, A.H. Riise became fascinated with distilling and blending the precious rums he obtained from the isles of the West Indies, particularly Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad. When the rum was ready, it was bottled and could begin its journey to both nearby and far-off destinations. Disembarking took place from the docks, but it was actually the first part of the transportation which was most interesting, because how could the rum get from the pharmacy, through cobbled streets and potholed gravel tracks, in one piece? Riise, ingenious as ever, quite simply laid down rails from the pharmacy to the docks. In this way, the bottles could be transported safely along the rails in small carts down to the busy docks.


A dark and intense aroma of cigar boxes,caramel and chocolate, with a ‘greener’ layer at the top of grass and mint


Starts off mild, but intensifies with pineapple, honeydew melon, banana and a lovely rich taste of milk chocolate


A shot of orange crunch followed by a lightly spiced conclusion



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