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Rum has a long-standing historical connection to sailing. During long sea voyages, fresh drinking water was often scarce. 

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association between sailors and rum

Historical connection to sailing

Rum has a long-standing historical connection to sailing. During long sea voyages, fresh drinking water was often scarce. Sailors discovered that rum, when diluted with water, could be a safer alternative to drink. Over time, the association between sailors and rum became a tradition and part of the seafaring culture. The daily rum ration was a custom in various navies, including the Danish Navy. When A.H. Riise establish a production of rum in the West-Indies in 1838, the Danish Navy was one of the first customers. And at A.H. Riise we have had saltwater in our blood ever since.

Our Royal Danish Navy Series includes variants from golden to dark blends with alcohol strengths ranging from 40% to so-called “proof” and “overproof” blends at 55-60%, all created based on proud Danish navy traditions. At the same time, we actively participate in preserving the maritime traditions and classic ships that have been a part of A.H. Riise’s DNA for nearly 200 years.

Preservation of a historic warship

One of the Danish Navy’s proudest ships of all times, the Frigate Jylland, visited St. Thomas five times during A.H. Riise’s era. Therefore, it is not entirely coincidental that A.H. Riise has decided to contribute to the preservation of the old warship, which is now the world’s largest preserved wooden ship. It is a truly unique vessel that is not only a part of Denmark’s history but also a part of the world’s cultural heritage.

In collaboration with the Frigate Jylland, we have created the exclusive blend “The Frigate Jylland Royal Danish Navy”. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these unique bottles goes towards preserving the museum ship.

Stop by and enjoy a glass of A.H. Riise

Tall ships and elegant sips

The tradition of sailing beautiful old wooden ships still lives on. We are proud to sponsor ‘Fyn Rundt’ and ‘Limfjorden Rundt,’ two of Denmark’s largest sailing events, which take place in July and September. As sponsors, we offer tastings at the harbors when the ships dock.

Stop by and enjoy a glass of A.H. Riise while admiring beautiful old wooden ships. Look out for our flag and the bar, where our local retailers will offer tastings and great deals on selected bottles from our range!

7 great occasions to toast with A.H. Riise

  1. When raising the flag at the beginning of the sailing season
  2. While watching the sunset over the sea
  3. When you reach your destination after a successful voyage
  4. When dropping anchor in a picturesque cove or bay
  5. When fishing and celebrating a great catch
  6. When entering a new harbor or port
  7. Any special event or celebration onboard, such as birthdays or anniversaries

A taste for any occasion


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