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Translated freely from Latin, “Non Plus Ultra” means “Nothing Further Beyond”.

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History in a caraf

Non Plus Ultra

According to legends, this warning was inscribed on the Pillars of Hercules at the Strait of Gibraltar to mark the boundary between the known world and the new, unknown territories. With the Non Plus Ultra series, we push the boundaries of your expectations and take your senses on a journey into the unknown. Non Plus Ultra (NPU) are blends crafted from meticulously selected aged casks, bottled in beautiful, faceted carafes to create the ultimate experience. It is supreme class. Once you’ve tasted Non Plus Ultra, there is no turning back.

Natural flavor enrichment from old casks
The secret behind the unique taste of Non Plus Ultra lies in the carefully selected rum used for these blends. Each NPU is created from premium rum aged in old casks previously utilized for whiskey or fortified wines such as port, sherry and Madeira. For instance, the NPU Black Edition is made from rum aged in old and heavily burned Bourbon casks, while Ambre D’or is crafted from rum matured in casks that once held fortified wines as well as sweet and elegant dessert wines.

Casks previously used for fortified wines or bourbon are rich in residual flavours and aromas. As rum ages within these casks, it imbibes these characteristics, gaining layers of complexity, sweetness, and aromatic depth unachievable with new wood. The maturation process mellows the rum, enhancing its smoothness. The rum’s interaction with the cask softens the sharpness of the alcohol, yielding a more polished and velvety spirit.

Charring releases sweetness and complex aromas

A common trait among all casks used for NPUs is that they are burned or charred to open the wood’s pores and increase contact with parts of the oak that have never been touched by alcohol.

The maturation of rum in charred casks is a time-honoured method to amplify flavour, colour, and smoothness. Charring caramelizes the sugars in the wood, unleashing a wealth of complex flavours and scents. This allows the rum to seep deeper into the oak, absorbing its rich bouquet. Moreover, the charred layer acts as a purifier, eliminating undesirable elements and ensuring a refined spirit.

The casks used for the Non Plus Ultra Series undergo a burn, with the Black Edition receiving an extended burn, which allows the blend to penetrate deeper into the virgin wood grain. This thorough process contributes to the distinctive taste and superior quality of the Non Plus Ultra blends, providing a very rich and creamy flavour profile with unique notes and fragrances.

Produced in small batches

Each batch is unique

The four variants in the Non Plus Ultra series – Very Rare, Black Edition, Ambre D’Or, and La Galante – are produced in small batches of maximum 2,000 numbered bottles. The size of each batch depends on the number of casks that our master distiller has managed to procure and approve for the respective production. We strive to ensure that the flavour profile of all batches within a variant is as similar as possible. However, as it is a case of unique craftsmanship, there can be small variations between individual batches. This is another charming aspect of striving for the extraordinary.

Bottled in beautiful, faceted carafes

A unique product deserves an equally distinctive packaging that sets the stage for an unparalleled tasting experience. The Non Plus Ultra series is presented in beautifully designed faceted carafes that delight both the palate and the eyes. These signature carafes are crafted to be as visually appealing in a bar cabinet as the rum within is to taste. The aesthetic allure of the bottle, its form, hue, and label, plays an integral part in the overall impression, instilling a sense of rarity, heritage, and distinction before the bottle is even opened.

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