A.H. Riise 175 Years Anniversary Rum

This is a very special rum indeed. It is an anniversary rum to celebrate the drink’s founding father,A.H. Riise. Each sip comes close to feeling magical and will provide you with moments to treasure even as you lean back in your favourite chair and note the subtle tastes of the rum against your palate.

In honour of this great master, our masterblender has produced A.H. Riise 175 Years Anniversary Rum from some of the oldest and most precious casks our cellars have to offer.

Quality rum aged for 21 years

The heart of this anniversary rum is 21 years old, supported by slightly younger, resilient brothers. Because it has been aged at low temperatures with high humidity in deep, dark cellars, we have ensured the very best conditions for the aging process.

Naturally that is not all we have done, because it always requires that subtle extra touch to produce a masterful rum: once the blended rum is ready, it is re-casked in PX and Olorososherry casks. These casks provide the rum with its impressions of a dark, sweetsherry. This really is a rum that is worthy of such a momentous anniversary.

A.H. Riise 175 Years Anniversary Rum was produced for the first time in 2013, exactly 175 years after the rum’s forefather A.H. Riise opened the doors to his pharmacy on St. Thomas for the very first time. The rum has been a long time in the making, but only the very best is worthy of the anniversary of such a master.

Taste of A.H. Riise 175 Years Anniversary Rum

  • Colour: Red-gold
  • Aroma: Orange marmalade, shortbread, toffee and vanilla
  • Taste: Rich and creamy, with all the notes from the nose together with mint and just a hint of burnt cedarwood
  • Aftertaste: First the rich, creamy taste continues for a long time, drying out graduallywith a small bite of tannin from the oak

Logbook: Fra St.Thomas to Nørretorv in Vejle, Jutland

When A.H. Riise sailed away to live and run his pharmacy in the remote West Indies, it was not simply a case of taking off and getting on with it, it required permission from both the Danish king and Parliament. A.H. Riise had all his papers in order when he left, but this was not quite the case when Riise’s successors wished, many years later, to move the St. Thomas pharmacy back to Denmark and Vejle. There were already three pharmacies in Vejle, and now there was a West Indian competitor to add to the list. However, fortunately it appeared that the Riise family still had the king’s favour and goodwill, as they did not need the normal professional and political approval. With a royal resolution, the pharmacy was granted its licence without any further difficulties. The St. Thomas pharmacy became a fixture on Vejle’s high street, and you can still go there and have your prescription filled today.


At first cool mint appears on top of toffee and leather and then a hint of citrus


Eucalyptus, tatin plum pie and a hint of white tea with bergamotte oil


Leather and bergamotte intertwines


Light gold

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
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