A.H. Riise Platinum Reserve – Launch Nov. 2018

A.H. Riise Platinum Small Batch No 1 Rum is a unique rum: it bears the classic hallmark of A.H. Riise, but has a heart of gold all of its own. This rum is particularly exceptional because it only exists as a batch of 6,000 bottles. Once these are gone, it can never be recreated.

A.H. Riise Platinum Small Batch No 1 Rum is a Solera aged rum, at the heart of which are two golden casks. The first is 40 years old, the other 21.

Both casks have sat and aged in Europe’s temperate climate, which ensures a gentle, gradual aging that means the cask is never under pressure but can mature at its own pace – which is optimal for the development of the taste.

Unique taste experience that can never be recreated

The word alcohol shares its linguistic roots with the word alchemy, the art of making gold. When the master blender practises his art, the goal is the same: to make gold. As with gold, however, we cannot always predict what is required to hit the mark and obtain a world-class rum from the process.

The rum’s many years spent in the beautiful oak casks hide many secrets. If you have both the skill and luck, you can suddenly hit the golden vein – a cask that stands out magnificently from all the others.

This is precisely the case with A.H. Riise Platinum Small Batch No 1 Rum. It is a golden vein and a one-off that you simply cannot reproduce, and which is worth tasting in every respect.


After the ramparts in Copenhagen were torn down, Tivoli as we know it today sprung up almost immediately. Tivoli was part of the old city ramparts, and if you sail around the city today in the small boats in the harbour, you will actually sail through the old city moat. At that time Carstensen’s gardens were a green recreational area, where traders and small variety shows could pitch their tents, making it natural to include the Tivoli Gardens at ‘Den Nordiske Industri-, Landbrugs- og Kunstudstilling’ in Copenhagen in 1888. The A.H. Riise company stood in the West Indian house, right where Tivoli’s ‘Demon’ ride stands today. In 1888 it was, however, a very different rush which you could achieve at the spot where you can now scare yourself silly on the Demon.


Marshmallow root lozenges, English wine gums and banana, and behind it all a gentle hint of curled mint


Old leather, furniture polish, soft citrus notes, old worn-out leather and again, English wine gums


Long, lingering and highly complex. Overripe fruit, curled mint, old oak and not least concentrated honey


Deep, dark polished amber

Our premium rum is perfectly aged...
How about you?

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