Time to enjoy a tot of rum

Rum has a long-standing historical connection to sailing. During long sea voyages, fresh drinking water was often scarce.

The art of crafting the extraordinary

Translated freely from Latin, “Non Plus Ultra” means “Nothing Further Beyond”. According to legends, this warning was inscribed on the Pillars of Hercules at the Strait of Gibraltar to mark the boundary between the known world and the new, unknown territories.

A.H. Riise tasting

In collaboration with our distributors, resellers and brand ambassadors, we host tastings and events all over the world.

Cold shivers and warm hearts

two women bathing with bathing hats

What do you serve to winter bathers and ice swimmers after a cold dip? A.H. Riise Navy Frogman 60% of course – a remarkable blend for remarkable people.

Double gold in Japan

Man tasting rum

Black Edition and Very Rare from our Non Plus Ultra series were awarded Gold in the Tokyo.

Fun Facts

People standing around a rum barrel

Dig into a world of Black tots, bottled currency, daily rations, rum punch and rum gunpowder.