Double gold in Japan

Man tasting rum

Black Edition and Very Rare from our Non Plus Ultra series were awarded Gold in the Tokyo.

Fun Facts

People standing around a rum barrel

Dig into a world of Black tots, bottled currency, daily rations, rum punch and rum gunpowder.

How an Award Jury works

man tasting rum

A jury typically consists of experienced tasters, sommeliers and chefs who deal with taste professionally. On a tasting jury there is usually a wide range of nationalities, and there may be up to 200 tasters.

Cold shivers and warm hearts

two women bathing with bathing hats

What do you serve to winter bathers and ice swimmers after a cold dip? A.H. Riise Navy Frogman 60% of course – a remarkable blend for remarkable people.

Riise Collectors

Man tasting rum

For a true A.H. Riise Collector it’s all about the good taste, of course. But it’s also about having something special in the bar cupboard. Perhaps you are the lucky owner of discontinued Riise variants, or have collected a complete Riise series?

The story of A.H. Riise

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In June 1838, the Danish Government officially appointed Albert Heinrich Riise as the exclusive pharmacist for the caribbean island, Saint Thomas, part of the former Danish West Indies. This granted him monopoly status to produce alcohol in his pharmacy.

EU legislation affects the spirits industry

EU legislation on spirits

If you have an old bottle of A.H. Riise in your hand and compare it with a more recent bottle, you might wonder why what used to say ‘Rum’ is now ‘Superior Spirit Drink made from Premium Matured Rum’. What’s the difference? And does it matter to you?

The three faces of rum

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West Indian rum and spirit drinks based on rum are traditionally produced in three different styles: Spanish, English and French.