Get in the Christmas mood

A.H. Riise XO Christmas Edition

Christmas and rum go hand in hand, bringing joy and warmth to holiday celebrations. At A.H. Riise, we’ve taken this festive tradition to the next level, ensuring you and your loved ones experience the perfect Christmas vibe!

24 Experiences 2023

Christmas calendar

The 24 samples in this calendar is a tribute to our old history and to our collaborations with our friends.

Non Plus Ultra collection

Non Plus Ultra La Galante Rum

As a tribute to A.H. Riise’s West Indies heritage, all new carafes in our Non Plus Ultra collection will, from now on, bear the emblem “Old St. Croix”.

Tasting boxes

3 Tasting boxes

We have put together three delicious tasting boxes which provide a perfect introduction to A.H. Riise Spirits’ universe.

Mothers day

A.H. Riise Mothers Day collection

Mother’s Day coming up. So why not pamper the world’s best mother with a gentle and silky cream liqueur.

Fathers day

A.H. Riise Fathers Day collection

It’s Father’s Day soon. Pamper the world’s best dad with a delicious blends.

Taste Riise

People tasting rum

To demonstrate what we mean by great taste, the vast majority of dealers have opened one or two Riise bottles, so you can sample the delicious drops in their shops.

24 Experiences

A.H. Riise 24 Xmas Calendar

The 24 different samples in this callendar is a tribute to the old rum history — some filled with, yesterday’s award-winning blends — other with 2023 news.